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We, Nokwon Co..Ltd., are a company specializing in the machining and manufacturing of Pipe assemblies for heavy construction equipment as well as a general trading company. Having the expertise in TIG welding and CNC bending, we supply the best quality goods to Our key customers such as Hyundai Industries, Tongmyung Heavy Industries and Volvo Korea, etc. By sourcing QCD competitive products, parts and raw materials, we import and export Them for ourselves and trade them on behalf of our customers. From now on, we will keep making efforts to be the world best manufacturer of pipe Assemblies and also a general trading company through incessant quality improvement and Quality management with accumulated technologies and competent staff members. Through the satisfaction of customers¡¯ needs, we also plan to center into the new Businesses such as shipbuilding, aircraft and nuclear power plant industries in the future.
The President of Nokwon Co.. Ltd
P / R / O /F / I / L / E
Date of foundation : Oct. 16, 1996
Key products : TIG welding assemblies and pipe bending assemblies for heavy Construction equipment, shipbuilding and defense industries.
Items for import and export : parts and raw materials for home appliances and electric Products (metals, non metals and resins, etc)

Nokwon Co Ltd

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